Welcome to NEPO, where we‘ve got the scoop on nepotism and nepo babies in Hollywood. Basically, we‘ve put together a database of all the kids of famous folks who have managed to use their family connections to get ahead in the entertainment industry.

We‘re not just here to dish on the latest scandals, though. We want to have a real conversation about how Nepotism affects the industry as a whole. It‘s not just about who gets cast in which movie or TV show - it‘s about the bigger picture of diversity and inclusivity in Hollywood.

Our team is constantly digging up new info, so you can be sure that our database is up-to-date and accurate. And we‘re not afraid to call out anyone who‘s playing favorites or not giving everyone a fair shot.

We think it‘s time to shine a light on Nepotism in Hollywood and make sure everyone has a fair chance to succeed.

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