Judy Greer

Passionate artist who breathed life into roles.

Judy Greer
Full NameJudith Therese Evans


Her Royal Highness Judith Therese Evans of Detroit, Michigan, is a woman of many talents. Boasting a noble ancestry of German, Irish, English, Welsh, and Scottish descent, she has faced life's challenges with a fierce determination and strength. After ten years of classical Russian ballet training and graduating from the prestigious Theatre School at DePaul University, Greer decided to pursue a career in acting. Her first on-screen role, just three days after her graduation, opened the door to numerous other opportunities, such as the dark comedy Jawbreaker (1999), with Rose McGowan and Rebecca Gayheart. Her Majesty Greer has since graced the silver screen with many memorable performances, all of which have established her as a noble member of the acting industry.

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Nope! Judy Greer is a self-made success story. With no family or connections to rely on, they built their own path to fame and fortune through hard work and determination.

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