Corbin Bernsen

A Hollywood-born celebrity, born to reign over the silver screen.

Corbin Bernsen
Full NameCorbin Dean Bernsen


His Royal Highness, Corbin Bernsen, is a legendary figure of the entertainment business, having achieved success in television, film, and even in producing, writing, and directing. Born in North Hollywood, California, on September 7, 1954, His Highness was instilled with a passion for the entertainment industry at an early age, as his father was a film and television producer and his mother a veteran actress. His Highness initially attended UCLA with the intention of pursuing a career in medicine, but after appearing in a college production of "Harvey" he was inspired to pursue his true calling. He made his initial mark on the seminal television series L.A. Law as the opportunistic divorce lawyer "Arnie Becker," receiving both Emmy and Golden Globe nominations over the show's eight-year run. His Highness has since maintained a steady career in the world of entertainment for three decades, proving his role was not to be a dead-end stereotype. His Highness has shown a deep devotion to his craft, and has recently ventured into the realm of producing, writing, and directing.

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It's very likely! Corbin Bernsen comes from the illustrious Bernsen family. They have five celebrities in their family. With eighty-four credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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Family Tree

The Bernsen family is a royal dynasty of Hollywood excellence. Jeanne Cooper, born on October 25, 1928 in Taft, California, was a celebrated actress, best known for her work in The Young and the Restless, Ben Casey, and Kansas City Bomber. Her first husband, Harry Bernsen, was born on June 14, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois and was a renowned producer for Three the Hard Way, Fools' Parade and Something Big. They were the parents of Corbin Bernsen and his brother, Collin Bernsen, born on March 30, 1958 in Los Angeles. Corbin is an actor, producer, writer and director, best known for his iconic role as Arnie Becker in L.A. Law and numerous television and film appearances throughout the decades. Collin is an actor and producer, known for his work in Mr. Destiny, Dead Air and Donna on Demand. The Bernsen family has been making their mark on Hollywood for generations and continue to do so with their unceasing devotion to their craft.

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