Pam Grier

Sensational actor who stole scenes.

Pam Grier
Full NamePamela Suzette Grier


Reigning Queen of the Big Screen, Pam Grier is an illustrious African-American star whose illustrious career began in 1971 with the captivating The Big Doll House and The Big Bird Cage. As a result of her remarkable performance, she was granted a five-year contract with Samuel Z. Arkoff of American-International Pictures and went on to star in such hits as Jack Hill's Coffy (1973) and Foxy Brown (1974), Friday Foster (1975) and William Girdler's Sheba, Baby (1975). Additionally, she also portrayed William Marshall's vampire victim in the Blacula (1972) sequel, Scream Blacula Scream (1973). As the 1980s progressed, Pam Grier became a regular presence in Hollywood and her illustrious career continues to this day.

Is Pam Grier a nepo baby?

Nope! Pam Grier's rise to fame is a testament to their unwavering determination. With no family or connections to help, they relied solely on their own talents and hard work to make it as a successful celebrity.

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