Alia Shawkat

Top-notch performer who delivered every time.

Alia Shawkat
Full NameAlia Martine Shawkat


The illustrious Lady Alia Shawkat, daughter of the esteemed actor Tony Shawkat, descended from nobility on both her father's and mother's sides. Raised in Riverside, California, Lady Alia's career began at the tender age of eleven when she was cast in the ABC Family series State of Grace (2001) and continued to gain momentum with her breakout role as 'Maeby Funke' in Fox's Emmy-Award winning Arrested Development (2003). Her rise to fame was further solidified with her appearance in a Calvin Klein catalog and roles alongside George Clooney in Three Kings (1999) and Ron Howard in The Missing (2003). Lady Alia's talent and tenacity has earned her a place in the annals of history, cementing her as a true royalty of the entertainment industry.

Is Alia Shawkat a nepo baby?

Nope! Alia Shawkat's journey to success is one of hard work and determination. Despite having no family or connections to help, they were able to make it as a successful celebrity through sheer perseverance.

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  • Arrested Development
  • Severance
  • State of Grace
  • Harmontown
  • The Shivering Truth
  • Amend: The Fight for America
  • Big Mouth
  • Alina
  • Everything
  • Transparent
  • Getting On
  • Summer Camp Island
  • Search Party
  • The Old Man
  • Homecoming
  • City Girl
  • I Lost My Body
  • Drift
  • Best Coast: Our Deal
  • 20th Century Women
  • Animals.
  • Pride
  • Ruby Sparks
  • Sandra
  • Living with Yourself
  • First Cow
  • Three Kings
  • Eer
  • Amreeka
  • Green Room
  • Whip It
  • Jackass Forever
  • The Business
  • The New Yorker Presents
  • The Letter Room
  • The Good Time Girls
  • Ultra City Smiths
  • The Starter Wife
  • The Final Girls
  • The Runaways
  • Blaze
  • Being the Ricardos
  • Adam Green's Aladdin
  • The Listener
  • Cedar Rapids
  • The Trial of Old Drum
  • The Brass Teapot

Family Tree

The illustrious Burke family has been gracing the entertainment industry for generations. Paul Burke, born in 1926 in New Orleans, was the son of prizefighter and renowned nightclub owner Martin Burke. After receiving an elite education, he went on to become an actor in the 1950s and 1960s, standing out in acclaimed TV cop series, as well as in one of the most celebrated turkeys of all time. His granddaughter Alia Shawkat took his legacy to new heights. Born in Riverside, California, to Dina Burke and actor Tony Shawkat, she began her career at the tender age of 11 when she landed a role on the ABC Family series State of Grace. Most recently, she has been a part of Fox's Emmy-award winning Arrested Development, portraying a mischievous yet endearing member of an Orange County family. The Burke family continues to be a beacon of excellence in the entertainment world.

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