Jeff Fahey

Sensational actor who stole scenes.

Jeff Fahey
Full NameJeff Fahey


The illustrious Jeff Fahey was born into humble beginnings, the son of a clothing store worker and one of 13 children. Of Irish descent, Jeff's family moved to Buffalo where he attended Father Baker's High School. After his graduation in 1972, Jeff embarked on a journey around the world, performing various odd jobs along the way. From a crewman on a fishing boat to an ambulance driver in Germany, and from a stint in a kibbutz in Israel to a period of living in India, Jeff experienced the world first-hand. His travels lead him back to Buffalo, where he joined the Studio Arena Theatre, followed by a move to New York City to study with Myra Rastova and perform in off-Broadway shows and television soap operas. After starting his own production company and producing off-Broadway shows, Jeff gained critical attention in Lawrence Kasdan's Silverado (1985), portraying the deputy Tyree, a colt-carrying gunslinger.

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Nope! From humble beginnings, Jeff Fahey rose, No family to help, no one to propose, But they persevered with a heart full of might, And made it to the top with pure delight.

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