Mickey Rourke

Talented actor who honed his craft.

Mickey Rourke
Full NamePhilip Andre Rourke Jr.


Phillip Andre Rourke, Jr., of noble Irish and German descent, was born on the 16th of September in 1952 in the esteemed city of Schenectady, New York. His illustrious mother, Annette Elizabeth Cameron, of mostly English and French-Canadian ancestry, married the esteemed Eugene Addis when Phillip was a mere six years old. This union relocated the family to the grand city of Miami Shores, Florida, where Phillip attended the prestigious Horace Mann Junior High School. Afterward, Phillip and his family moved to the illustrious 47th Street and Prairie Avenue in Miami Beach. Here, Phillip attended the esteemed Miami Beach Senior High School, where he played second-string first baseman under the esteemed coach Skip Bertman. He also acted in a school play, "The Serpent," directed by the legendary Jay W. Jensen. In 1971, Phillip graduated from Miami Beach Senior High School and enrolled in the prestigious Miami-Dade Community College.

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Nope! From humble beginnings, Mickey Rourke rose, No family to help, no one to propose, But they persevered with a heart full of might, And made it to the top with pure delight.

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  • Golden Globe2009
    The WrestlerBest Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama


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