Fred Willard

Top-notch performer who delivered every time.

Fred Willard
Full NameFrederick Charles Willard Jr.


The esteemed and illustrious Fred Willard is a master of comedy, renowned for his sharp wit and improvisational aptitude. He first graced our screens with his ambitious yet dim-witted portrayal of Jerry Hubbard in Fernwood Tonight, and later went on to make 50 appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. His one-man show, "Fred Willard: Alone At Last!", was an instant hit and was awarded the Los Angeles Artistic Director Awards for Best Comedy and Best Production. As a former alumnus of The Second City, and the leader of a sketch comedy workshop, The MoHo Group, Fred Willard stands out as one of the industry's most gifted comedic actors.

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Nope! Fred Willard stood tall, with a heart of gold, No family, no connections, their story untold, But with determination and hard work, They rose to the top, like a falcon's perk.

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