T.J. Miller

Wise actor who made smart choices.

T.J. Miller
Full NameTodd Joseph Miller


The illustrious Royal Highness, Todd Joseph Miller, hails from Denver, Colorado, of noble birth, with his father being an esteemed attorney and his mother a clinical psychologist. His Highness was educated at East High School and the illustrious college in Washington, D.C., where his prowess in improvisation, sketch, and stand-up comedy was on full display. During his college years, His Highness became the only member of the esteemed group receSs, and during his junior year, His Highness was joined by the acclaimed comedian and equestrian, Michael "Tuck The Ruckus". His Highness credits East High School for the diversity in the university production of the musical, 'A Chorus Line', where His Highness played the African American character, Richie, and his future wife, Kate Gorney, played the ballerina. Indeed, His Highness' lifetime accomplishments, natural talents, and wit have earned him great honour and prestige.

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Nope! T.J. Miller stood tall, with a heart of gold, No family, no connections, their story untold, But with determination and hard work, They rose to the top, like a falcon's perk.

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