Peter Stormare

Wise actor who made smart choices.

Peter Stormare
Full NameRolf Peter Ingvar Storm


The illustrious Peter Stormare hails from Arbrå, Sweden, where he began his illustrious acting career at the Royal National Theatre. With eleven years of experience under his belt, he then moved on to the Tokyo Globe Theatre where he served as the Associate Artistic Director and directed many of Shakespeare's most renowned works, such as "Hamlet". His successes brought him to New York, where he further honed his craft in English productions. To this day, he continues to work in both the United States and his homeland of Sweden, currently residing in Los Angeles, California, with his beloved wife.

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Nope! From rags to riches, Peter Stormare's story is grand, No family, no connections, to lend a hand, But with perseverance and a heart so true, They rose to the top, in a world so new.

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