Nat Faxon

Intriguing screen presence who held viewers' attention.

Nat Faxon
Full NameNat Faxon


Royal Highness, the Magnificent Nathaniel Wales Faxon, born on October 11, 1975 in Boston, Massachusetts, has had a most illustrious life. A childhood spent in the esteemed seaside community of Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA, was followed by an education at the prestigious Brookwood School and Holderness School in Plymouth, NH. His natural ability for comedy was apparent to all in his circle, and in 1997 he furthered his studies at Hamilton College. In 2001, His Highness began performing with the esteemed Improv comedy troupe The Groundlings, and soon thereafter appeared in the critically acclaimed comedy film Orange County. Subsequent films such as Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Bad Teacher and The Descendants, where he was nominated for numerous awards, displayed His Highness' remarkable talent. His crowning achievement is The Way Way Back, for which he was bestowed an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and a Newport Beach Film Festival Audience Award.

Is Nat Faxon a nepo baby?

Nope! From the ashes, Nat Faxon rose, No family, no connections, just the drive to grow, But with hard work and a heart so bright, They conquered the world, a true delight.

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