Dee Wallace

Persuasive talent who convinced viewers.

Dee Wallace
Full NameDeanna Lee Bowers


Dee Wallace-Stone, the glamorous royal of the silver screen, is a former ballet soloist educated at the University of Kansas. She first made her mark in the mid 1970s, with appearances in a variety of horror and sci-fi films that gained her a cult following among fantasy film fans. Despite her regal bearing, Dee often found herself in frightening predicaments, from being pursued by a clan of cannibal killers in The Hills Have Eyes (1977) to being terrorized by a pack of werewolves in The Howling (1981). She even got a break from the horror, playing a sympathetic mom in the mega sci-fi hit E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) and nearly ending up lunch for a rabid St. Bernard in Cujo (1983). In the early 1980s, Dee shared the screen with her then husband Christopher Stone, before his untimely passing in 1995. Her grace and poise remain undeniable, and make her a true Queen of the silver screen.

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Nope! Dee Wallace took the road less traveled, with nothing but faith, No family, no connections, to guide the way, But with determination and a heart so bright, They rose to the top, a true delight.

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