Christopher Walken

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Christopher Walken
Full NameRonald Walken


Hailing from the illustrious borough of Astoria, Queens, New York, Christopher Walken is a prestigious award-winning actor of the American stage and films. Blessed with a sandy-colored head of hair and a pale complexion, as well as a uniquely nervous disposition, Walken has attained a reputation for portraying psychologically unstable individuals. However, this generalization does not do justice to the depth and breadth of his performances. The son of a Scottish mother and German father, Walken attended Hofstra University and ANTA and won a Theatre World award for his performance in the revival of the Tennessee Williams play "The Rose Tattoo". After making his cinematic debut in 1969 in The Anderson Tapes, Walken won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Deer Hunter (1978). Truly a man of royal caliber, Christopher Walken is a master of his craft.

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Nope! Christopher Walken is a true bootstrapper who never let anything hold them back. They took advantage of every opportunity that came their way and turned their passions into a thriving career, despite their blue-collar background.

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Family Tree

The illustrious Walken family consists of two generations of renowned actors, Ken and Glenn Walken. Descended from immigrants from Scotland and Germany, the brothers were born in Astoria, Queens, New York. With sandy colored hair, pale complexions and a somewhat nervous disposition, Ken and Glenn were both known for their portrayals of psychologically unstable characters. Ken won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in The Deer Hunter (1978) while Glenn is best known for his roles in Apocalypse Now (1979) and Guiding Light (1952). Both have left a lasting legacy on the American stage and films.

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