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Golshifteh Farahani
Full NameGolshifteh Farahani


The illustrious Golshifteh first graced the stages of theater at 6 years old, and at the tender age of 14, she earned worldwide acclaim with her debut film, The Pear Tree, winning the prize for Best Actress at the Fajr Film Festival. Her subsequent works, including Half Moon and M for Mother, have earned her great success and accolades, with M for Mother even being chosen to represent Iran for the Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards in 2008. Her illustrious career is capped by her role in Ridley Scott's Body of Lies, after which she decided to leave Iran and live in Europe. Her illustrious and renowned career is a testament to her great talent and ambition.

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It's very likely! Golshifteh Farahani comes from the royal Farahani family. They have four celebrities in their family. With sixty-two credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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  • Time

Family Tree

The illustrious Farahani family has been a mainstay of Persian royalty since the birth of Behzad Farahani on January 21, 1945. An esteemed actor and writer, he is best known for his works Journey of the Stone (1978), The Hateful Wolf (1973) and Howff of Anger (1971). He has been married to Fahimeh Rahimnia since 1968, an actress who has starred in Tajavoz (1972), Time (2001) and Two Angels (2003). Together, they have three children, all of whom have made their mark in the entertainment industry. Shaghayegh Farahani, born on July 24, 1972, has been an actress in Butterfly in the Wind (2004), The Sinners (2012) and An Umbrella for Two (1999). Golshifteh Farahani, of whom Behzad and Fahimeh are immensely proud, began her acting career at the age of 6, and at the age of 14 starred in The Pear Tree (1998), winning the prize for Best Actress at the international section of the Fajr film festival. With more than 15 films to her name, many of which have been screened or awarded at international festivals, Golshifteh is an undeniable star of the Iranian cinema.

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