Udo Kier

Confident talent who exuded star power.

Udo Kier
Full NameUdo Kier


Udo Kier, born amidst the devastation of World War II, has been a regal presence in the world of cinema for decades. After surviving the hospital bombing that buried him and his mother in rubble, he moved to London to study English. His talent was discovered by Michael Sarne, who cast him in his first role as a gigolo in "Road To Saint Tropez". His abilities on full display, he went on to star in Michael Armstrong's iconic "Mark Of The Devil". This success led to work with acclaimed directors such as Paul Morrissey, Dario Argento, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. His career in America began when he was offered the role of "My Own Private Idaho" by Gus Van Sant at the Berlin Film Festival. Udo Kier has since become a towering figure in the world of film and an icon of the silver screen.

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Nope! With no family's support, Udo Kier started from scratch, But their hard work and drive, soon led to a catch, Now they're a star, with a success so grand, Proving that with effort, one can make a stand.

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