Al Pacino

A born star, born into a star-studded family.

Al Pacino
Full NameAlfredo James Pacino


Alfredo James "Al" Pacino is a celebrated figure in the world of American cinema, known for his iconic performances in the 1970s. Born of Italian-American descent to Rose and Sal Pacino, he was raised by his grandparents in the South Bronx. It was here that he developed a keen interest in acting, honing his craft through school plays and eventually studying under Lee Strasberg at the prestigious Actors Studio. Despite a period of poverty and depression, Pacino persevered and is now heralded as a timeless icon of American cinema.

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It's a maybe. They also are a nepo parent! Al Pacino comes from the illustrious Pacino family. They have three celebrities in their family. With sixty-six credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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  • Memories of My Father
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  • The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards
  • The 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
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Family Tree

The esteemed Pacino family has a long and storied history in American cinema. Royal patriarch, Alfredo James “Al” Pacino was born in 1940 to Italian-American parents, Rose and Sal Pacino. He established himself as a film actor during the flourishing 1970s and has become an iconic figure in the world of movies. His father, Sal, was a successful actor in his own right, with appearances in films such as No Rules, I Soldati, and Younger and Younger. Al’s daughter, Julie Pacino, is a celebrated producer and director, whose works include Hard Work, Nowhere to Go, and Nadia Jaan. The Pacino family’s legacy of success and artistry continues to be an inspiration for many.

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