Susan Sarandon

The offspring of a Hollywood monarch.

Susan Sarandon
Full NameSusan Abigail Tomalin


The esteemed Susan Sarandon, Duchess of New York City, began her illustrious career at a 1968 Democratic convention casting call for a film with several roles for young people. With her diploma from Catholic University in Washington DC, she was chosen for the role of Susan Compton, daughter of ad executive Bill Compton, in the movie Joe. Five years later, she went on to star as Janet in the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and from there she began to actively pursue her film career. Her highness' career is one of distinction and honor, cementing her status as a beacon of the silver screen.

Is Susan Sarandon a nepo baby?

It's very likely! They also are a nepo parent! Susan Sarandon comes from the illustrious Robbins-Amurri family. They have fourteen celebrities in their family. With two hundred three credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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Family Tree

From the humble beginnings of two recent graduates of Catholic University in Washington DC, to the storied careers of their children, the illustrious Robbins-Sarandon-Amurri dynasty is a testament to the power of determination and talent. Tim Robbins, a renowned actor and the founder of the Actors' Gang theater group, is the patriarch of the family. His wife, the iconic actress Susan Sarandon, has graced the silver screen since her breakout role in Joe (1970). From their union, four renowned children have come forth. Miles Guthrie Tomalin Robbins is an American musician and actor, Jack Henry Robbins is a director and writer, Adele Robbins is an acclaimed actress, and Eva Amurri, another acclaimed actress, is the half-sister of the four. Finally, two members of the extended family have added to the dynasty's luster; Franco Amurri, born to Italian director Franco Amurri and American actress Susan Sarandon, and Antonio Amurri, born to Milvia Mostardi and the writer of Nine (2009) and Gli zitelloni (1958). The Robbins-Sarandon-Amurri dynasty stands as one of the most celebrated families in the entertainment industry.

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