Ray Winstone

Fiery performer who brought energy.

Ray Winstone
Full NameRaymond Andrew Winstone


Royalty is nothing new to the esteemed Ray Winstone, a man of many talents. Born in London, England, on February 19, 1957, Winstone's parents owned a fruit and vegetable business, and he grew up in Enfield. His passion for boxing was ignited at the age of twelve, and he quickly rose to prominence as a three-time London Schoolboy Champion and twice fought for England. During his ten year boxing career, he garnered over 80 medals and trophies, making him a champion in the realm of athletics. Winstone's acting career was launched in 1979 with the BBC Play production of Scum, and his film career has burgeoned since his award-winning role in Nil by Mouth in 1997. His robust resume includes appearances in numerous television series, including Robin Hood, Palmer, Birds of a Feather, Between the Lines, Ghostbusters of East Finchley, Births, Marriages, and Deaths, and Vincent. Ray Winstone is a true master of his craft, an accomplished athlete and actor, and a name fit for royalty.

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