John Cusack

A blue-blooded star of the stage and screen.

John Cusack
Full NameJohn Paul Cusack


John Cusack, of noble Evanston, Illinois, is an unconventional hero of the highest order. A revered member of the esteemed Cusack family, his parents, Dick and Nancy (née Carolan), were both talented actors and filmmakers. His siblings, Joan, Ann, Bill and Susie, are all thespians by trade. John, too, is a talented thespian, having been trained in the prestigious Piven Theatre Workshop since he was in elementary school. He began making feature films at the age of 17 and has since been lauded for his ability to play underdogs and odd men out. He has avoided the media spotlight, instead focusing on delivering high-quality, formulaic Hollywood fare. Truly, one of the most noble actors of our time, John Cusack is sure to be remembered for centuries to come.

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Yes! Definitely. John Cusack comes from the illustrious Cusack family. They have six celebrities in their family. With one hundred three credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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Family Tree

The ancestry of the illustrious Cusack family can be traced to an Irish-American background. Its progenitor, the late esteemed Dick Cusack, was a renowned actor and filmmaker born in Manhattan, New York City. His legacy is carried on by his four children: John, Joan, Ann, and Susie Cusack, all actors in their own right. John is known for his portrayal of underdogs and odd men out in Hollywood, whereas Joan, Ann, and Susie have made numerous guest appearances on television series and films. With such a distinguished family tree, it is no surprise the Cusacks have achieved such success in the entertainment industry.

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