Robert Wagner

Methodical planner who executed flawlessly.

Robert Wagner
Full NameRobert John Wagner


A regal air was apparent even in the early days of the illustrious R.J. Wagner, born in Detroit to a steel executive in 1930. By the age of seven, his family relocated to Los Angeles, where Wagner worked various jobs in pursuit of his desired career as an actor. It was while dining with his parents at a Beverly Hills restaurant that his talent was first recognized by a talent scout, and he made his uncredited screen debut in The Happy Years (1950). 20th Century Fox propelled him to stardom, and he was soon playing romantic leads with ease. When he essayed the two-scene role of a shell-shocked war veteran in With a Song in My Heart (1952), studio executives recognized his potential as a dramatic actor. His talents were put to the test in the title roles of Prince Valiant (1954) and The True Story of Jesse James (1957), and he flawlessly portrayed a cold-blooded murderer in A Kiss Before Dying (1956). Truly, the incomparable R.J. Wagner was fit for royalty.

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Family Tree

R.J. Wagner, born 1930 in Detroit, was the son of a steel executive whose family moved to Los Angeles when he was seven. After making his uncredited screen debut in The Happy Years (1950), Wagner was signed by 20th Century Fox to become a beloved romantic lead actor. His life was surrounded by Hollywood glamour, as he was informally adopted by his stepfather, actor Robert Wagner, after his mother, film star Natalie Wood, married him a year after separating from her first husband, British producer Richard Gregson. His daughter, Katie Wagner, followed in his footsteps and became an actress and television host. Their family was joined by Richard Smedley, an actor who married Johni Willingham in 1979, and by Marion Marshall, an actress and Robert Wagner's third wife. The Wagner family was completed by Lana Wood, Robert's first wife and an actress, and Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner's second wife, a Russian-American actress. The glamorous family was rounded off by Lana's daughter Natasha Gregson, who was also an actress. Jill St. John, an incredible piece of 1960s eye candy, also joined the family, playing roles in lightweight comedy, spirited adventure and spy intrigue. With a pedigree of Hollywood royalty, the Wagner family combined talent and glamour to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

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