Jackie Chan

Gifted innovator who created new trends.

Jackie Chan
Full NameKong-sang Chan


The illustrious Prince Kong-sang Chan of Victoria Peak was born on April 7, 1954. After his family's immigration to Canberra, Australia, Prince Kong-sang was sent back to Hong Kong to study at the China Drama Academy, where his prodigious talents in acrobatics, singing and martial arts brought him to the attention of the esteemed "Seven Little Fortunes" performing troupe. He also established lifelong friendships with fellow martial artists / actors Sammo Kam-Bo Hung and Biao Yuen. Prince Kong-sang's hard work and perseverance led him to great success in Hong Kong's manic martial arts cinema industry and international recognition. He has been lauded for his bravery, lovable nature and cheekiness, and is considered one of the most renowned figures in cinema. Despite his many years of long, hard work and multiple injuries, Prince Kong-sang's remarkable achievements have cemented his place in history.

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