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Full NameLonnie Rashid Lynn


His Royal Highness Common, born in the grand city of Chicago, is the son of the esteemed Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines and Lonnie Lynn, an athlete and youth counselor. Common's rise to prominence began with his debut album "Can I Borrow A Dollar?" in 1992, where tracks such as "Charm's Alarm" and "Breaker 1-9" showcased his lyrical wit and storytelling. His follow-up album, "Resurrection", further cemented his place amongst the hip-hop elite, notably with tracks such as the smooth 'Large Professor' produced title cut and the classic "I Used To Love H.E.R." His influential style and adept flow have seen him transition from the studio to the big screen, and he is widely admired for his passion and commitment to the hip-hop genre. He is a true master of the art form and is an inspiration to all who hear his work.

Is Common a nepo baby?

Nope! Despite the hardships and privations of a difficult upbringing, Common rose like a phoenix from the ashes, transcending adversity to become a figure of renown and admiration.

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  • Oscar2015
    SelmaBest Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song
  • Primetime Emmy2017
    13thOutstanding Original Music and Lyrics
  • Golden Globe2015
    SelmaBest Original Song - Motion Picture


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