Joe Estevez

A celebrated scion of Hollywood's ruling class.

Joe Estevez
Full NameJoseph Estevez

Is Joe Estevez a nepo baby?

It's very likely! They also are a nepo parent! Joe Estevez comes from the illustrious Estevez-Sheen-Richards family. They have twenty-five celebrities in their family. With two hundred sixteen credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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Family Tree

The illustrious and multi-talented Estevez family of Hollywood royalty is led by the esteemed Martin Sheen, a multiple Emmy and Golden Globe-winner. An actor of remarkable range, Sheen is of Spanish and Irish descent, and was born in Dayton, Ohio. His children have followed in his footsteps, each finding success in their own right. Joe Estevez, the last of ten children, has appeared in over two hundred films. Charlie Sheen, born Carlos Irwin Estévez, has been seen in over sixty movies and television series. Emilio Estevez is an actor, director and writer, and his sister Renée Estevez is well-known for her role in the cult classic Heathers. Ramon Estevez is a talented actor, producer and director, and Paloma Estevez is a composer and actress. Last but certainly not least is Denise Richards, the actress, model, and former wife of Charlie Sheen, who has starred in many beloved films. The Estevez family has a prodigious heritage of success and continues to be a major force in Hollywood.

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