Eunice Kennedy Shriver

A privileged inheritor of a showbiz legacy.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Full NameEunice Mary Kennedy

Is Eunice Kennedy Shriver a nepo baby?

It's a maybe. They also are a nepo parent! Eunice Kennedy Shriver comes from the illustrious Kennedy-Shriver-Schwarzenegger family. They have fifty-seven celebrities in their family. With two hundred ten credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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  • Mary, Mother of Jesus

Family Tree

From humble beginnings to royalty, the Kennedy family has a remarkable story of success. Patriarch Peter Lawford was born in London, England to a British World War I hero, though his parents were not married at the time. When the scandal broke, the family fled to America. Peter was an actor from a young age, saving his arm from certain deformity in a childhood accident. His son Christopher Lawford attended Tufts and Georgetown Universities, and went to Boston College Law School, graduating in 1983. Despite a brief problem with drugs, Christopher set up a clinic to treat opiate dependency and lectured at Harvard Medical School. Peter married Rose Fitzgerald, daughter of Boston's mayor, and went on to finance the movie industry. Lee Radziwill was married to Prince Stanislav Radizwill, and their son Anthony Radziwill was a television producer and Emmy award winner. Maria Shriver, daughter of Rose and Peter, was a producer and actress. Timothy Shriver, son of Maria and Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been a producer since the late 90s. Rory Kennedy is a producer and director, with a prolific career in film. Arnold Schwarzenegger, husband of Maria, was born in Austria and made it big in Hollywood. His son Patrick is a co-founder of the hip modern apparel company, Project360. Joseph Baena, son of Arnold, is an actor and Rose Shriver, daughter of Maria and Arnold, is a writer and producer. This illustrious family has made its mark in Hollywood, the political arena, and beyond.

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