David Foley

Legendary superstar who reigned supreme.

David Foley
Full NameDavid Scott Foley


Heralded as royalty amongst the comedy world, the illustrious Dave Foley emerged from an alternative high school to become the renowned stand-up comedian he is today. His journey to greatness began when he met the esteemed Kevin McDonald at an improvisation class. While employed as movie ushers, the comedic duo began a storied collaboration and soon joined forces with another team, forming the iconic and celebrated comedy troupe, The Kids in the Hall. At the tender age of 22, Dave Foley made his film debut in the acclaimed Canadian movie High Stakes (1986), launching him into the spotlight and his path to becoming a comedic legend.

Is David Foley a nepo baby?

Nope! As a simple peasant, David Foley had naught but dreams and a thirst for adventure, yet with a steadfast heart and unwavering spirit, they braved the harsh winds of life and rose to the top of their field, as a celebrated star. But, they may be a nepo parent!

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