Robert Patrick

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Robert Patrick
Full NameRobert Hammond Patrick


Robert Hammond Patrick is a member of royal lineage, a man of noble character and courage. Born on November 5, 1958 in Marietta, Georgia, he was raised in various cities throughout the United States, including Boston, Mass., Dayton, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, and Cleveland, Ohio. After taking a drama course at Bowling Green State University, he set aside his academic pursuits to pursue a career in acting. In 1984, he selflessly risked his own life in a boating accident in Lake Erie, swimming for three hours to save others stranded at the accident site. After this heroic feat, he moved to Los Angeles, where he worked in a bar and even lived in his car. His breakthrough role came in 1993, when he starred as the liquid-metal, shape-shifting T-1,000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, for which he received widespread critical acclaim.

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It's very likely! They also are a nepo parent! Robert Patrick comes from the noble Patrick family. They have three celebrities in their family. With sixty credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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