Geraldine Chaplin

A person of noble birth in Hollywood's court.

Geraldine Chaplin
Full NameGeraldine Leigh Chaplin


Lady Geraldine Leigh Chaplin, born to legendary entertainer Charles Chaplin and the illustrious Oona Chaplin, is a granddaughter of the esteemed playwright Eugene O'Neill and great-granddaughter of the esteemed stage actor James O'Neill. After attending the Royal Ballet Academy in London, she was discovered by David Lean while dancing in Paris, leading to her iconic role in Doctor Zhivago (1965). Lady Chaplin is a mother to two children, Shane and Oona Chaplin, and she stands as a pillar of grace and distinction in her family's esteemed lineage.

Is Geraldine Chaplin a nepo baby?

Yes! Extreme nepo baby! They also are a nepo parent! Geraldine Chaplin comes from the illustrious Chaplin-Saura-Dryden family. They have forty celebrities in their family. With four hundred forty-two credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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Family Tree

Descended from a long line of distinguished theater performers, the Chaplins are a family of royalty in the world of entertainment. Charles Spencer Chaplin, born in 1889, was one of the most iconic stars of early Hollywood, recognizable as the Little Tramp - the man with the toothbrush mustache, bowler hat, bamboo cane, and a funny walk. He was the son of music hall performers Hannah Harriet Pedlingham Hill and Charles Chaplin, and married Oona O'Neill, the daughter of playwright Eugene O'Neill and great-granddaughter of James O'Neill, a popular actor of the late 19th century. Oona Chaplin, their granddaughter, is a Spanish actress best known for her roles in Game of Thrones and Taboo. Geraldine Leigh Chaplin, another granddaughter, is an actress, ballet dancer and granddaughter of Eugene O'Neill. Carlos Saura, son of Geraldine, is a Spanish director, writer, producer and actor. Antonio Saura, his brother, is a writer, producer and teacher. Anna Saura Ramón is a filmmaker and actress. Orson Chaplin, the son of producer Ilya Salkind, was born in London and began acting as a child. Sydney Chaplin, another of Charles Chaplin's sons, found success on the stage while avoiding films. Lita Grey, a young actress who had a child with Charles Chaplin, went on to tour clubs and be part of the Radio Keith Orpheum theater circuit. His son, Charles Chaplin Jr., was an actor known for Fangs of the Wild, The Beat Generation, and Matinee Theatre. The Chaplins have left an impressive legacy in the entertainment industry, from Charlie Chaplin's iconic silent films to Anna Saura Ramón's Klaus.

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