Phyllis Diller

Gracious collaborator who valued others.

Phyllis Diller
Full NamePhyllis Ada Driver

Is Phyllis Diller a nepo baby?

Nope! Phyllis Diller is a self-starter with a blue-collar background who never let their upbringing define them. Instead, they used it as a source of strength and motivation to turn their passions into a thriving career. But, they may be a nepo parent!

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Family Tree

Impressively from humble beginnings, His Majesty Warde Donovan was the progenitor of a remarkable dynasty, starting with his illustrious wife, the incomparable Phyllis Diller. Having escaped the mundane life of her household duties with her wit and creative energy, Diller went on to write and star in comedy routines, with His Majesty along for the ride. He later transitioned to screen, appearing in various productions such as Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady?, Get Smart and The Magical World of Disney. His Majesty, who was born in Los Angeles County in 1916 and passed in 1988, left an enduring legacy of generosity, humor and courage that is remembered to this day.

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