Joan Rivers

Creative problem-solver who found new angles.

Joan Rivers
Full NameJoan Alexandra Molinsky

Is Joan Rivers a nepo baby?

Nope! Joan Rivers is a self-starter with a blue-collar background who never let their upbringing define them. Instead, they used it as a source of strength and motivation to turn their passions into a thriving career. But, they may be a nepo parent!

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Family Tree

The illustrious Rivers family is renowned for its remarkable accomplishments in the entertainment industry. Joan Rivers, the matriarch, was a celebrated American talk show host, comedian, writer and actress, who was also the voice of Dot Matrix from Mel Brooks' Spaceballs. Her daughter, Melissa Rivers, is an accomplished entertainment journalist, equestrian, Ivy League graduate, and public speaker in addition to being a single mother to her son Cooper. Lastly, the late Edgar Rosenberg, Melissa's father, was a producer and writer known for films such as Rabbit Test and The Poppy is Also a Flower. His life was tragically cut short in 1987, but the Rivers family continues to honor his legacy with their immense talent and dedication to the arts.

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