Mark Wahlberg

A celebrity aristocrat, born into power and privilege.

Mark Wahlberg
Full NameMark Robert Michael Wahlberg


Mark Wahlberg, Duke of Dorchester, is a lauded entertainer who has made a successful transition from teen pop idol to acclaimed actor. His career highlights include being a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee for The Departed (2006) and receiving positive critical reviews for his performance in The Fighter (2010). He has also proven to be a talented comedic actor, with his starring role in Ted (2012). A scion of the illustrious House of Wahlberg, Duke Mark was born in a working class district of the city of Boston, Massachusetts, the youngest of nine children. His ancestry is a mix of Swedish, French-Canadian, English, Irish and Scottish, and his parents divorced when he was eleven. Despite his humble upbringing, the Duke has gone on to achieve great distinction in the entertainment industry.

Is Mark Wahlberg a nepo baby?

Yes! Definitely. They also are a nepo parent! Mark Wahlberg comes from the illustrious Wahlberg-McCarthy-Asher family. They have thirty-six celebrities in their family. With four hundred seventy credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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  • Legendary Nights
  • In Treatment
  • Juvies
  • Boogie Nights
  • The Fighter
  • The Cure
  • Ballers
  • Father Stu: Deleted Scenes
  • Shooter
  • Lone Survivor
  • WrestleMania 38
  • 70th Golden Globe Awards
  • Instant Family
  • Patriots Day
  • The Basketball Diaries
  • McMillions
  • The Oscars
  • Champs
  • Three Kings
  • Shooter
  • The 79th Annual Academy Awards
  • Unite for Japan
  • Deepwater Horizon
  • Invincible
  • Overnight
  • The Italian Job
  • 73rd Golden Globe Awards
  • Ted
  • All the Money in the World
  • Kid 90
  • We Own the Night
  • The 35th Annual Grammy Awards
  • Four Brothers
  • Wahlburgers
  • 2 Guns
  • America: A Tribute to Heroes
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • I Heart Huckabees
  • The Lovely Bones
  • The Other Guys
  • The Murders at Starved Rock
  • Father Stu
  • Entourage
  • The Perfect Storm
  • Pain & Gain
  • Contraband
  • The Yards
  • The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards

Family Tree

The Wahlberg dynasty is a remarkable American family dynasty, boasting a legacy of esteemed actors, producers, writers and directors. The matriarch and patriarch, Robert Wahlberg and Gina Santangelo, have been married since 1994 and have two children. Their sons, Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg, Arthur Wahlberg, Jeff Wahlberg and Robert Asher, have all made names for themselves in the entertainment industry. Mark is a renowned actor, producer, and comedian, with major successes such as The Fighter (2010) and Ted (2012). Arthur is known for his roles in films like Spenser Confidential (2020) and Patriots Day (2016). Jeff is an actor with celebrated films such as Don't Come Back from the Moon (2017) and Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019). Robert has made his mark in the TV world with shows such as Halloween Block Party (2010) and BattleBots (2015). Adding to the illustrious family tree is the great Elizabeth Montgomery, daughter of esteemed actors Robert Montgomery and Elizabeth Allen, who has made her own waves in the industry with films like The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955) and Johnny Dangerously (1984). Her husband, William Asher, was also a revered director and producer, known for Bewitched (1964) and Fireball 500 (1966). Their daughter, Rebecca Asher, is an esteemed director and editor, having worked on films such as Donnie Darko (2001) and Knocked Up (2007). Edward Mallory, husband of the late Elizabeth Montgomery, was an actor and director, known for his roles in The Young and the Restless (1973) and General Hospital (1963). Finally, John Asher, William and Elizabeth's son, is an award-winning writer and director, having directed films such as Kounterfeit (1996) and Chick Flick (1998). This illustrious family of entertainers continues to make history and entertain generations to come.

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