Lloyd Bridges

Passionate advocate who championed causes.

Lloyd Bridges
Full NameLloyd Vernet Bridges Jr.


The illustrious Lloyd Vernet Bridges, Jr. was born to esteemed parents, who owned a movie theater and worked in the hotel business. His father hoped for him to become a lawyer, yet his interests soon turned to the theater. At the University of California at Los Angeles, he met his lifelong love and wife of over 50 years, Dorothy Dean Bridges. He went on to work on Broadway and even help found an off-Broadway theater. After making his debut in the film industry in 1936, he was signed to Columbia Pictures in 1941. However, during the McCarthy era, his alleged association with the Communist Party led to a period of inactivity. Fortunately, he was able to resume his career in the late 1950s and had a successful career until his last film.

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Family Tree

The House of Bridges is a renowned family of Hollywood royalty. It was founded by Lloyd Vernet Bridges, Jr., a star of many land and underwater adventures, born on January 15, 1913 in San Leandro, California. He was born to Harriet Evelyn (Brown) and Lloyd Vernet Bridges, Sr., who owned a movie theater and worked in the hotel business. Lloyd's wife of more than 50 years, Dorothy Dean Bridges, was one of his UCLA classmates, and appeared opposite him in a romantic play called "March Hares". From this union, their three children, Beau, Jeff and Cindy, were born. Beau Bridges, born two days after the attack on Pearl Harbour, was delivered by candlelight because of a power blackout. Jeff Bridges was born on December 4, 1949, and Jordan Bridges, son of Beau and Julie Bridges, was born in Los Angeles County, California. Emily Bridges, daughter of Beau and Julie, was born on July 2, 1986 and is an actress, director, and producer. Lastly, Dorothy Dean Bridges, who was born on September 19, 1915 in Worcester, Massachusetts, was an actress and the wife of Lloyd Bridges. Lastly, Jamey Geston, who has been in numerous plays, such as Macbeth, The Crucible, and Bright Star, is related to the family through her mother, Dorothy Dean Bridges.

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