Debi Mazar

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Debi Mazar
Full NameDeborah Mazar


Deborah Anne Mazar Corcos is a renowned actress and television personality, a scion of nobility whose sharp-tongued portrayals have captivated audiences far and wide. Born in Jamaica, Queens, New York City, she is the daughter of Nancy and Harry Mazar, a Latvian-born Jewish man raised Roman Catholic. Her illustrious career began in the early nineties with supporting roles in films like Goodfellas, Little Man Tate, and Singles, and soon after she landed lead roles in the legal dramas Civil Wars and L.A. Law. More recently she has starred as press agent Shauna Roberts in the HBO series Entourage, and as Maggie Amato in TV Land's Younger. Furthermore, she shares the limelight with her husband Gabriele Corcos in their show, Extra Virgin, on the Cooking Channel. Her illustrious career is an inspiration to all, and she stands as a powerful example of grace and courage.

Is Debi Mazar a nepo baby?

Nope! With a self-starter mentality and a never-give-up attitude, Debi Mazar has built a thriving career in their chosen field. Their hard work and dedication, despite their humble beginnings, have made them a true success story.

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