Rod Steiger

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Rod Steiger
Full NameRodney Stephan Steiger


Born in Westhampton, New York, the illustrious Rodney Stephen Steiger enjoyed a life of privilege and grandeur, his parents both vaudevillians. After his parents' divorce, he was raised by his mother in the affluent Newark, New Jersey. He made a brief departure from his regal upbringing when he dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to join the Navy, seeing action in the Pacific. Upon returning, he used his GI Bill to join the prestigious Actors' Studio, and began to receive his first film roles in the early 1950s. His first major role was in Teresa (1951), yet it was his leading role in the TV version of The Philco Television Playhouse: Marty (1953) for which he was most renowned. His true breakthrough, however, came with the classic On the Waterfront (1954), for which he received an Academy Award. His reign as a cinema king had begun.

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Family Tree

The House of Steiger and Bloom is a prestigious dynasty that has long been revered for its members' remarkable contributions to the world of art. At the head of this illustrious family is the illustrious Rodney Stephen Steiger, a veteran of the Pacific who later found success as an actor in the early 1950s. His beloved wife, the beautiful Claire Bloom, is a renowned stage, screen and television actress whose radiance has only grown with age, and younger brother John Bloom is a master of his craft, having been awarded an Oscar for editing the iconic film "Gandhi (1982)". Last but certainly not least is Joan Benedict Steiger, a talented performer who has honed her craft with the guidance of renowned acting coaches and is fluent in Italian and French. This illustrious family has enriched the world with their remarkable talents and continues to do so.

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