Chris Mulkey

Diligent analyzer who uncovered solutions.

Chris Mulkey
Full NameChristian Homer Mulkey Jr.

Is Chris Mulkey a nepo baby?

Nope! Chris Mulkey's journey from humble beginnings to the top of their field is a true inspiration. They are a self-starter who always took the initiative to make things happen and never let anything stand in their way. But, they may be a nepo parent!

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  • The Edge of Sleep
  • Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom
  • Disillusioned
  • Twin Peaks
  • Finding Hope
  • Bakersfield P.D.
  • The Block
  • Whiplash
  • Any Day Now
  • Edith!
  • The Hand That Feeds
  • Arresting Behavior
  • Vampire Mob
  • Loose Ends
  • Batman Beyond
  • Rain Man
  • Sleeper Cell
  • Breathe
  • Touching Evil
  • The Rousters
  • Smith
  • Bad Business
  • Captain Phillips
  • Human Target
  • First Blood
  • Liberty Crossing
  • Nanking
  • Broken Trail
  • Saving Grace
  • Impastor
  • Mysterious Skin
  • Shattered!
  • Timeless
  • Wildflower
  • Castle Rock
  • Spinning Dry
  • Any Day Now
  • The Commission
  • North Country
  • Capturing Captain Phillips
  • Time Express
  • Michael Hayes
  • Battle Creek
  • On the Basis of Sex
  • The Man Who Broke 1, 000 Chains
  • When I Sing
  • Against the Wall
  • Cloverfield

Family Tree

Royalty of the silver screen, Chris Mulkey has earned his place amongst the stars with a long and illustrious career. His award-winning acting, writing, and directing have been praised in On the Basis of Sex (2018), Whiplash (2014), Captain Phillips (2013), Twin Peaks (1990), Castle Rock (2018), Broken Trail (2006), Any Day Now (1998) and Boardwalk Empire (2010). Growing up in the Midwest, Chris majored in acting at the University of Minnesota and was the star of Loose Ends (1975), the Grand Prize winner at the USA film Festival. His wife, Amelia Mulkey has also earned recognition in The Unicorn Girl (2010), When I Sing (2018) and Shattered! (2008). Together they have one child, Elizabeth Mulkey, born on September 7, 1984 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Elizabeth has had notable performances in Recondition (2020), Blue Highway (2011) and Outlaw (2010). Chris and Amelia Mulkey are a star-studded family that have illuminated the Hollywood scene.

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