Alexandra Hedison

A member of the celebrity monarchy, born into a life of luxury.

Alexandra Hedison
Full NameAlexandra Mary Hedison

Is Alexandra Hedison a nepo baby?

It's very likely! Alexandra Hedison comes from the illustrious Foster-Hedison family. They have nine celebrities in their family. With ninety-three credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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  • Any Day Now
  • The L Word
  • Prey
  • Seven Days
  • Nash Bridges
  • Diagnosis Murder
  • Silk Stalkings
  • Max Is Missing
  • L.A. Firefighters
  • Blackout Effect
  • Sleep with Me
  • OP Center
  • NightMan
  • Standing on Fishes
  • The Rich Man's Wife
  • 2021 Golden Globe Awards

Family Tree

The esteemed Royal House of Foster consists of the illustrious Jodie Foster, esteemed actress, director and graduate of Yale University's English Literature program with a magna cum laude distinction. Her illustrious brother Albert, a veteran of the US Navy, graduated from Brown University, and his wife Alexandra, an actress and director in her own right, also belong to the family. Finally, the family is completed by Buddy, an actor and husband to Leah, with whom he has two children. With a long history of success in the arts, business, and academia, the Foster dynasty is truly one to be admired.

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