Daniel Roebuck

Versatile performer with boundless talent.

Daniel Roebuck
Full NameDaniel James Roebuck


The illustrious Daniel Roebuck, hailing from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is renowned in the film industry as one of the youngest character actors of his time. A fan of movies and television from a young age, Roebuck was gifted a cardboard TV on his seventh Christmas, thus setting him on the path to stardom. After honing his craft in local talent shows, Roebuck joined a circus at just 10 years old, performing as one of the youngest clowns in the country. His clown act eventually segued into stand-up comedy, which he continued to perform throughout the duration of his high school years. Roebuck made his feature film debut in the teen comedy Cavegirl and soon after established himself as a character actor with his haunting portrayal as the teenage killer, Samson, in The River's Edge. Truly, Roebuck is an actor of incredible distinction.

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