David Warner

Magnetic screen presence who shone bright.

David Warner
Full NameDavid Hattersley Warner


David Hattersley Warner is a noble of the silver screen. An only son born out of wedlock to Herbert Simon Warner and Ada Doreen Hattersley, his tumultuous upbringing did not deter him from pursuing a career in theatre. Against all odds, he was accepted into the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and became a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. His theatrical debut came in 1962 and he received early mentoring from one of his teachers. His early life may have been tumultuous, but his rise to fame has been nothing short of majestic. His films have been enjoyed by audiences far and wide, and his name will forever be remembered in the history books.

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  • Primetime Emmy1981
    MasadaOutstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or a Special


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