Katharina Böhm

A celeb born into a world of entitlement and excess.

Katharina Böhm
Full NameKatharina Anna Böhm

Is Katharina Böhm a nepo baby?

Yes! Katharina Böhm comes from the illustrious B\u00f6hm family. They have seven celebrities in their family. With fifty-seven credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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  • Detective Montalbano
  • Alles außer Mord!
  • Nachtschicht
  • Heidi
  • Amico mio
  • Das Erbe der Guldenburgs
  • Der Kommissar und der See - Liebeswahn
  • Jeder Tag zählt
  • Das Geheimnis in Siebenbürgen
  • Die Tote ohne Alibi
  • Stolberg
  • Conversation with the Beast
  • Durch diese Nacht
  • Die Chefin
  • A Case for Two
  • The Old Fox
  • Sechs Tage Angst
  • Bis an die Grenze
  • Of Pure Blood
  • Die Ehre der Strizzis
  • Magdalene
  • The End of Lies
  • Murder in the Best Family
  • Russisch Roulette

Family Tree

The illustrious Böhm dynasty is renowned across Europe for their contributions to the arts. Karl Böhm, the family patriarch, was a renowned conductor. His son, the acclaimed actor, starred in the Sissi (1955) series as well as several movies directed by cult filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder. After 1981, he dedicated himself to charitable works in Ethiopia. His daughter, Katharina Böhm, is an acclaimed actress in her own right, with roles in Amico mio (1993), Die Unzertrennlichen (1997) and Kaltes Fieber (1984). Barbara Kwiatkowska, later known as Barbara Lass, was a girl from the Polish countryside. She won the title role of Eva Bonecka in the comedy Eva Wants to Sleep (1958) and also met and married Roman Polanski. The family legacy is continued by Florian Böhm, born on May 6, 1978 in Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany. He is best known for his roles in Löwengrube (1989), Storm of Love (2005) and That's What Friends Are For (2019). Together, the Böhm family have left a lasting impression on the world of art and entertainment, and their legacy is sure to continue for generations to come.

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