David Tennant

Masterful actor who mastered his craft.

David Tennant
Full NameDavid John McDonald


The illustrious David Tennant, born David John McDonald, is a scion of Scottish and Ulster-Scots descent. His remarkable destiny as a renowned actor was set in motion when he was a mere 3 or 4, inspired by his beloved Doctor Who (1963). Hailing from West Lothian and Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, the youngster's love of The Proclaimers was only matched by his ambition to become a professional actor. At the age of 16, his father sent some photos of him to a casting director at Scottish television, thus beginning his illustrious career. His extraordinary talent was honed at a youth theatre group run at weekends by his father, and his skills and dedication have seen him become one of Scotland's most illustrious actors.

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Family Tree

Descended from illustrious Scottish and Ulster-Scots lineages, the illustrious Tennant-Davison dynasty has reigned as one of the greatest theatrical families of all time. Headed by acclaimed actor David Tennant, the family includes his beloved wife, actress and producer Georgia Tennant, and their five children. Peter Davison, father of Georgia, is a celebrated actor and the patriarch of the family, who, alongside his wife Sheila, raised three daughters and moved to Surrey when Peter was 10. Peter's son, Louis Davison, is an up-and-coming actor, playing Prince Edmund in 2022 Netflix Vikings Valhalla, Simon in Hulu TV's Find Me in Paris and Geoffrey Charles Poldark in BBC's Poldark. His grandmother, Sandra Dickinson, is an accomplished actress, best known for Ready Player One (2018) and Supergirl (1984). The Tennant-Davison dynasty is a testament to the power of familial talent, and a shining example of their generations of success.

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