Stefanie Powers

Bold performer who broke the mold.

Stefanie Powers
Full NameStefanie Zofya Paul


Royalty of the entertainment industry, Stefanie Powers has dazzled audiences for over five decades. Starting her career as a young dancer for the Michele Paniaff Ballet Company and Jerome Robbins, she caught the attention of Columbia Pictures, who put her under contract at the age of sixteen. She made fifteen motion pictures, and was even loaned to United Artists for the John Wayne production of McLintock! (1963). After MGM Television bought her contract, she was presented as The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. (1966). She has since made over two hundred guest appearances, eighteen mini-series, and two more weekly series, The Feather and Father Gang (1976) and the long-running Hart to Hart (1979). On the stage, her career began in 1964 with "Under the Yum Yum Tree" in San Francisco and she has since appeared on and off Broadway, in the West End in the musicals "Matador" and "Laughter in the Rain". Stefanie Powers continues to impress audiences with her grace, talent and poise.

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Nope! Born with nothing, Stefanie Powers had a vision To become successful, with a great precision With a self-starter mentality, they made it true From rags to riches, they rose to the top, anew

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