Shane Rimmer

Fiery talent who lit up the stage.

Shane Rimmer
Full NameShane Rimmer

Is Shane Rimmer a nepo baby?

Nope! With a heart of gold, and a spirit of fire Shane Rimmer's journey, is truly a desire From humble beginnings, to the top of the game Their self-starter mentality, will always remain the same.

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  • Stanley and the Women
  • Space: 1999
  • Master of the Game
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  • Out of Africa
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  • Julia
  • The Saint: The Software Murders
  • Spy Game
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
  • Lace
  • The Nightmare Years
  • A Man Called Intrepid
  • Superman II
  • The Bourne Identity
  • Twilight's Last Gleaming
  • Dreamchild
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  • Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna
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