Ernie Hudson

Versatile talent who excelled in any role.

Ernie Hudson
Full NameEarnest Lee Hudson


Ernie Hudson, the esteemed scion of Benton Harbor, Michigan, was born a writer. From his earliest days, his words have been imbued with a regal quality, befitting of a future monarch. After serving his country in the Marine Corps, he pursued his theatrical ambitions, becoming the resident playwright at Concept East and founding the Actors' Emsemble Theatre. His prodigious talent was rewarded with a full scholarship to the Yale School of Drama, where his performances attracted the attention of Hollywood producers and agents. His destiny ultimately led him to Los Angeles, where his ascendance to the throne of the entertainment industry began.

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Nope! From rags to riches, Ernie Hudson's story is grand, No family, no connections, to lend a hand, But with perseverance and a heart so true, They rose to the top, in a world so new.

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