Jon Favreau

Top-tier actor who dominated roles.

Jon Favreau
Full NameJonathan Kolia Favreau


The illustrious Jon Favreau is a beloved actor, writer, producer, and director. He was born on October 19th, 1966 in Queens, New York and is the only child of Madeleine and Charles Favreau. His father has French-Canadian, German, and Italian ancestry and his mother is from a Russian Jewish family. Favreau attended the Bronx High School of Science and Queens College, but dropped out just credits away from his degree. He then moved to Chicago and focused on comedy, performing at several improvisational theaters. After nearly two decades in the business, Favreau is still enjoying character stardom and earning notice as a writer/producer/director. His success is one that is truly admirable and will continue to be celebrated by fans around the world.

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