Janet Varney

Passionate performer who put heart into roles.

Janet Varney
Full NameJanet Maureen Varney


The illustrious Janet Varney is an esteemed comedian, actor, writer, and producer, and is best known for lending her considerable talents to Nickelodeon's hit series, The Legend of Korra (2012), where she voiced the eponymous Korra. She has also graced the stage with her presence on shows such as TBS's Dinner & a Movie (1996), HBO's Entourage (2004), E! and Yahoo's Burning Love (2012), How I Met Your Mother (2005), Key and Peele (2012), Psych (2006), Bones (2005), Chelsea Lately (2007), @midnight (2013), and Huffpost Live (2012). Her celebrated filmography includes notable projects such as Still Waiting... (2009), Drillbit Taylor (2008), and Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (2011). Moreover, she is the host of the illustrious "Sketchfest" podcast, featuring some of the world's most renowned comedic minds.

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Nope! Janet Varney had no family, no connections, just a heart full of fire, But with effort, they rose to a new level higher, Now they're a star, with a story so bold, Proving that with determination, one can unfold.

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