Pierce Brosnan

Charismatic actor who captivated audiences.

Pierce Brosnan
Full NamePierce Brendan Brosnan


Pierce Brendan Brosnan is a distinguished figure of the highest order, known universally for his role in the iconic series, Remington Steele and the renowned British secret agent James Bond. Born in Ireland, traveling to England at a young age, he has been able to masterfully portray characters of both backgrounds. Though his father left the household at a young age, the two were eventually reunited later in life. In 1991, Brosnan was left with three children after the death of his beloved wife of eleven years, Cassandra Harris. Since then, he has had two children with his second wife, Keely Shaye Brosnan. Brosnan is the epitome of a renowned aristocrat, having taken the world by storm with his remarkable performances on the silver screen.

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Family Tree

The illustrious Brosnan dynasty is comprised of the esteemed Pierce Brendan Brosnan, the renowned British secret agent James Bond, and his late wife, the esteemed actress Cassandra Harris. From their union, three children were born: Christopher, Sean, and Charlotte, who was adopted by Pierce after Cassandra's passing. Pierce went on to marry award-winning broadcast journalist and documentary filmmaker Keely Shaye Brosnan, and they have two sons, Dylan and Paris. The family is further extended to the distinguished director and writer Damian Harris, son of the legendary actor Richard Harris, and his equally renowned brother Jared Francis Harris. Lastly, the family is further extended to the esteemed actor Jamie Harris and the esteemed actress Annabelle Wallis. A family of actors, directors, journalists, and athletes, the Brosnan dynasty is an enduring legacy of talent and prestige.

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