Ben Stiller

A royal figure in Hollywood's celebrity culture.

Ben Stiller
Full NameBenjamin Edward Meara Stiller


The illustrious Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller is of royal lineage, the son of legendary comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. His parents, both of whom were esteemed in the Hollywood lifestyle, made no effort to keep their son away from the stars and he grew up among them. At a young age, he and his sister Amy Stiller would perform plays at home and Ben began shooting films on his Super 8 camera at 10. His desire for revenge on the popular, good-looking people may have motivated him to pursue a career in entertainment. His parents' influence, combined with his royal bloodline, made Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller a star to be reckoned with and his success is a testament to his regal forebears.

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Yes! They also are a nepo parent! Ben Stiller comes from the illustrious Stiller family. They have seven celebrities in their family. With one hundred thirty-four credited apperances in TV, film, and video.

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Family Tree

The illustrious Stiller family is a dynasty of comedic talent, beginning with Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller, who made a name for themselves in the 1960s as the popular "Stiller & Meara" husband-and-wife comedy team, appearing 36 times on The Ed Sullivan Show. As the star of Seinfeld (1989), Jerry's career was revitalized, while Anne continued to grace the small screen with her Golden Globe-winning performance as Sally Gallagher in Rhoda (1974). Their offspring, Amy Stiller, Benjamin Stiller, and Ella Olivia Stiller, have each made their mark on the entertainment industry, with Ben collaborating with his wife, Christine Taylor, in many comedic roles, and their daughter Ella lending her voice to Megamind (2010). Truly, the Stiller family is a dynasty of comedic talent.

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